Saturday, September 4, 2010

Euphemisms for balancing the budget

The now infamous Jan Brewer debate is circling the web. The funniest part I find about her stilted opener is her use of two different phrases for balancing the budget. She says, "..We have cut the budget, we have balanced the budget, we are moving forward..." Her performance shows a lack of intelligence flexibility in her use of language. Here's a few off the cuff suggestions for further talk about her fiscal policies, or lack thereof:

1. We have brought revenues in line with expenditures

2. We have cut out those free-riders getting unemployment checks instead of finding jobs, to allow all our high-income earners to keep free-riding on our low tax policies

3. We have moved money from our checking to our savings account

4. We have done fiscal realignment along the cost/income axis

5. We have gone from red to black

6. We have decided that Keynesians are a bunch of hogwash, and implemented our own unsubstantiated economic policies

7. We have ignored histories experiences with consolidation and decided to take the road less traveled, and now less paved, thanks to cutting money going to highway infrastructure

All I'm saying is that commentators need to do less to show me how she did poorly, I believe that's self-evident, but instead show me how she could have done better when her brain is stuck on recycling her conservative talking points.

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