Thursday, April 7, 2011

The War on Retirement

One more thing about the Paul Ryan budget:

Several commentators have already noted that this budget doesn't reduce health care costs one bit--rather, it takes the costs off the government budget and places them on household budgets.  In practice, this means retired seniors will find their savings going disproportionately towards heath care, which was once the prerogative of the government.

This, of course, is directly opposed to one of my pet causes (by way of Jamie Galbraith): early retirement.  If we encouraged retirement much earlier than we do today (Galbraith argues for 55) we could free up countless positions for those just entering the workforce, while at the same time making life far more enjoyable for those 55 and older.

The Republicans, it turns out, don't much care for the welfare of middle-class retirees.  


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